Camp Wolfeboro


Trailhead program area

Camp Wolfeboro has knowledgeable staff at the Trailhead Center who will augment your troop leadership in addressing the advancement needs of younger Scouts.

Your Scouts should plan to spend a minimum of two hours per day at Trailhead depending upon the advancement needs. Those Scouts who need just a few requirements to First Class should make arrangements with Trailhead Staff.


When each Scout enters Trailhead, the staff will guide them through requirements for rank advancement. The Scout will be taught the skill and then tested. If the scout is successful, he or she will be signed off on a requirement card that he or she submits to the troop leadership. We highly recommend that troop leadership then test him before officially signing off on a requirement in his handbook.


Trailhead can verify that a Scout has learned a skill, but the troop will have the ultimate authority to determine if the Scout has “passed the test”. Similarly, our staff cannot sign off requirements that only can be completed in a troop setting (attending troop or patrol activities, etc.) all while utilizing the EDGE method.

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