Camp Wolfeboro


Scouts will learn to find their way, build towers and perfect their camping and survival skills.  This is also where they can earn their Totin’ Chip.

Scoutcraft Merit Badges

Camping (Eagle Required)

This badge is required for Eagle.  It requires an overnight camping trip.  Scouts should bring appropriate camping equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, etc.)

Cooking (Eagle Required)

Sessions overlap meal shift.  Scouts will not eat in Dining Hall with their troop starting Monday.  Scouts sign up for 1 session only and meet all week.  This badge is a partial.

Emergency Preparedness (Eagle Required)

This badge can be used as an Eagle required MB.  It covers a great deal of written material, and there are skills to master.  Familiarity with knots is extremely important.  Older Scouts are recommended for this badge.  First Aid merit badge and pre-requisites should be done before camp.

First Aid (Eagle Required)

Scouts will learn safety and how to provide aid for all types of injuries and situations.


This is an excellent merit badge for younger Scouts.  It requires some written work and fishing trips.  Scouts need to bring their own gear or purchase in the Trading Post for $25. A fishing license is not required as long as you stay on camp property.


Learn more about GPS units and the fun of geocaching as a way to explore the world.


Map and compass is the name of the game.  Scouts will complete four orienteering courses across camp.  This badge is recommended for older Scouts.


Scouts will put their knots and lashings skills to the test by building gadgets, towers, and structures with rope and poles.  Lots of practice will be needed to complete this badge.

Public Health

Scouts will learn about the various aspects and importance of Public Health including how diseases are spread via animals and the environment.

Search and Rescue

Learn about the various aspects of Search and Rescue (SAR) then go out and put those ideas and skills into practice.

Signs, Signals, and Codes

Learn how to communicate with others using methods other than speaking or traditional writing. 

Wilderness Survival

This badge requires an overnight camping trip where Scouts must build a shelter and sleep in it. 


Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow

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