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Handicraft program area

The Handicraft Area is an excellent place for your first-year campers! In this area, Scouts can earn the more artistic merit badges while having fun at the same time. The Handicraft Area also hosts a themed party, the Indian Lore Campfire, and many other activities.

The Handicraft Area will also help you build camp projects. You will find paint for signs, woodcarving tools for your neckerchief slide, and leatherworking tools for a new ax sheath.

Handicraft Merit Badges


Scouts in this session should have some drawing or artistic experience.  There is a lot of freedom in choosing medium and subjects for artwork.


This is another good badge for young Scouts. They will learn to weave a basket that he can take home.


Learn how to play chess and compete with other players.

Indian Lore

This is good for Scouts of all ages. Learn about the fascinating history and culture of various Native American nations.


Learn techniques for making leather goods from scratch.  This is a good badge for young Scouts.


Scouts will have the opportunity to sing, develop skits, and teach skits to others.  Prerequisites should be completed prior to coming to camp.


A fun badge for those Scouts who are looking to learn more about photography and its growing influence in digital media. Scout must bring a digital camera with charging cables to camp.  Scouts must have earned BSA Cyber Chip outside of camp to complete.


Learn how we turn fibers into cloth then make some textile yourself.


All the world’s a stage.  Learn about the theater and acting in this merit badge.

Wood Carving

Scouts in this session will create wooden sculptures with just a knife.  Knives are available for Scouts to use or Scouts can bring their personal knives.  Personal knives should be sharp.  Knives are also available for sale at the Trading Post.  Remember to bring your Totin’ Chip card or earn it at the Scoutcraft area!


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