Camp Wolfeboro

Parade grounds amid Flag ceremony with full population of camp at attention.

Camp Wolfeboro Campsites

There are 16 active campsites at Camp Wolfeboro with the majority on the Tuolumne side (southern bank) of the North Fork of the Stanislaus River.  On the Calaveras side (northern bank), there’s 24 Camp, Bridge, Cedar, and Manzanita.  On the Tuolumne side, there’s Big Sandy, Boucke (pronounced Boo-Key), Cliff, Creekside, Eagle, Little Sandy, McPherson, Polaris, Riverside, Rodeo, Tuolumne, and White Fir.

The majority of the campsites can hold units with 35 or more Scouts and Scouters, but some sites are smaller.  For instance, Riverside is ideal for a Patrol or small Troop as the capacity is only eight (8).

Each Campsite comes equipped with a potable water source, bulletin board, flag pole, large bear box, and a fire ring.

Campsite (Capacity)

Campsite (Capacity)


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