Camp Wolfeboro

Parade grounds amid Flag ceremony with full population of camp at attention.

Program Areas

Eagle’s End

  • Come to Eagle’s End for some of the core Eagle Required merit badges.  This is also where you can practice your public speaking and debate skills.


  • In this area, Scouts can earn a multitude of merit badges related to Ecology, Conservation, and the Sciences.
  • This is also where Camp Wolfeboro’s STEM Program operates.


  • In this area, Scouts can earn the more artistic merit badges while having fun at the same time. The Handicraft Area also hosts a themed party, the Indian Lore Campfire, and many other activities.
  • The Handicraft Area will also help you build camp projects. You will find paint for signs, woodcarving tools for your neckerchief slide, and leatherworking tools for a new ax sheath.


  • Scouts will learn to find their way, build towers and perfect their camping and survival skills.  This is also where they can earn their Totin’ Chip.


  • One of the highlights of Camp Wolfeboro is our expansive rock-climbing program. Our location in a granite valley allows us to have three separate natural outdoor rock walls that we are able to safely use.

Target & Range Sports

  • Target & Range Sports will discipline the mind and the body, so just relax and have a great time. Tickets for shotgun and .22 rifle targets must be purchased at the trading post.
  • Camp Wolfeboro has excellent instructors who are more than willing to go the extra mile to help campers be successful. As with all program areas, the main aspect of the shooting ranges is safety. The rules may seem strict at times, but they ensure a fun, safe area that everyone can enjoy.
  • All Youth who wish to enter any of the Ranges MUST have a signed Firearms Use Permission Slip.


  • Camp Wolfeboro has knowledgeable staff at the Trailhead Center who will augment your troop leadership in addressing the advancement needs of younger Scouts.
  • Scouts should plan to spend a minimum of two hours per day at Trailhead depending upon the advancement needs. Those Scouts who need just a few requirements to First Class should make arrangements with Trailhead Staff.
  • When each Scout enters Trailhead, the staff will guide them through requirements for rank advancement. The Scout will be taught the skill and then tested. If the scout is successful, he or she will be signed off on a requirement card that he or she submits to the troop leadership. We highly recommend that troop leadership then test him before officially signing off on a requirement in their handbook.


Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow

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