Camp Wolfeboro


Welcome to the Rodeo Campsite.  The Rodeo Campsite is located on the Tuolumne-side of the North fork of the Stanislaus river.  The campsite is very spacious with ample room for larger units (35 campers).

The Rodeo Campsite is close to the Tuolumne and Little Sandy Campsites. Ford and Mountain Dew are the two closest bathroom facilities, and Continental is the closest shower house.

Like all campsites at Camp Wolfeboro, Rodeo is equipped with a bulletin board, a flagpole, a heavy-duty bear box, and a kitchen area with running water.


Entrance to Rodeo Campsite
Rodeo's BBQ outdoor cooking area
This is a 360-degree image of the Rodeo Campsite at Camp Wolfeboro.
Click the image for a 360-d view
Rodeo campsite outdoor kitchen


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