Camp Wolfeboro

Parade grounds amid Flag ceremony with full population of camp at attention.

Wolfeboro Glossary

Facts / FiguresDescription
94223Postal Code
12th Point ChapelScouts own
1928, June 4First Year of Camping
24 Campcampsite name
4+2bathroom facility
5800 feetElevation of camp
7N02Forest Service Road #
ArnoldCity designation
Battle of Stanislaus
Berkeley CouncilFormer Council that established Camp Wolfboro
Berkeley-Contra Costa CouncilFormer Council when name changed to Camp Wolfeboro
Big Sandycampsite name
Bosses Crapperbathroom facility
Bouckecampsite name
Bravo HowCampfire Area
Bridgecampsite name
Cadillacbathroom facility
Calaveras CountyNorth side of river
Campfire StageMain Campfire Area
CanteenWater structure
Cedarcampsite name
Cliffcampsite name
Continentalbathroom facility
Creeksidecampsite name
Eagle's Endprogram area name
Eagle's Nestcampsite name
Eichenwaldebathroom facility
Fordbathroom facility
Golden Gate Area CouncilNew name for Council following merge (2020)
Handicraftprogram area name
Hike Shackprogram area name
Knee Knockerbathroom facility
Linblad BlvdName of Forest Service Road 7N02
Little Sandycampsite name
Little Sandycampsite name
Lower Falls
Manzanitacampsite name
McPhersoncampsite name
McPhersoncampsite name
Mountain Dewbathroom facility
Mt Diablo CouncilNew name for Berkeley Contra-Costa Council (1952-1992)
Mt Diablo-Silverado CouncilNew name for Council following merge (1993)
Nature Lodgeprogram area name
Pioneer Bridge
Pioneer Rock
PioneersName of Camp Society
Polariscampsite name
Polaris Rock
Riversidecampsite name
Rodeocampsite name
Sand FlatCamp location on Stanislaus River
Scoutcraftprogram area name
Stanislaus CountySouth side of river
Stanislaus River-North ForkRiver that runs through camp
Summitprogram area name
Target & Range Sportprogram area name
Thunder Alleybathroom facility
Trailheadprogram area name
Tuolumnecampsite name
Upper Falls
White Fircampsite name
WolfboroOriginal camp name (1928-1947)
Wolf-Bray TrailFormer hiking trail between Camp Wolfeboro and Camp Bray
WolfeboroCamp renamed to Wolfeboro in 1947 in honor of Charles Wolfe, scouting supporter


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Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow

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