Camp Wolfeboro


Welcome to Camp Wolfeboro! The camp is located in the Stanislaus National Forest in a region known as Hell’s Kitchen, near Arnold, CA.  The camp itself straddles the north fork of the Stanislaus River with the Calaveras side on the north and the Tuolumne side on the south.  The conditions at Camp Wolfeboro are rustic by nature, but this is a part of its charm.

There are 16 separate Campsite at Camp Wolfeboro with 12 on the Tuolumne side and four (4) on the Calaveras side.  One the Tuolumne side you will find the Program areas for Scoutcraft, Ecology and Conservation, and Summit. On the Calaveras side, you will find Trailhead for First-year Scouts, Eagle’s End for older Scouts, Handicraft for everyone, the always brisk and refreshing Waterfront, and everyone’s favorite, Shooting Sports.

On the Calaveras side, you will also find the Dining Hall, the Med Lodge, the Staff Camp, the Program Office, and of course, the Trading Post.  Each morning and evening, the colors are raised and lowered outside the Program Office.  The Twelfth Point of the Scout Law Chapel is also located on the Calaveras side.  Each week of summer camp opens with a Staff-led Campfire at the Camp Wolfeboro Amphitheater, and each week closes with a Scout-led Campfire at the same Amphitheater.

Summer Camp 2022

More information coming in Janaury 2022

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