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Ecology & Conservation

Eco-Con's Nature Shack.

One of the most exciting areas in camp is the Ecology and Conservation area because it is always changing, just like nature. The top-notch staff will help the youth complete their merit badges. We have a unique opportunity to learn about all that nature has to offer here on the beautiful shores of the Stanislaus River.

Drop by the Nature Lodge to view their displays or ask any questions you have about the natural world. All youth are encouraged to work on or take part in camp conservation projects. There might even be some on-going projects that will be tackled by more than one unit throughout the summer. Night hikes are a way to experience the outdoors—can you navigate by the stars or stalk owls?

Ecology & Conservation Merit Badges


Learn about the ancient cultures that roamed the streams and mountains around Wolfeboro. Written work is required.


Scouts will observe the beautiful night sky over Wolfeboro.  Career opportunities in astronomy will be discussed.  Track star movement—remember to bring an alarm clock to make that middle of the night drawing!

Bird Study

Learn about the feathered wildlife of the High Sierras. Scouts should be prepared to spend some time making observations of birds at camp.

Environmental Science (Eagle Required)

This badge is required for Eagle.  It requires day hikes, field notes, and experiments.  There is a great deal of written material and a great setting to earn this badge.  This program is recommended for mature Scouts.

Fish & Wildlife Management

There is some written material for this badge.  A conservation project is also required.  Field trips are scheduled.


Wolfeboro has excellent opportunities to learn about this topic. Scouts will learn about current issues in forestry, do a conservation project, and learn tree identification.


This badge requires a personal rock collection.  Scouts will learn to identify rocks and minerals and how they are formed and used.

Insect Study

Scouts will explore the miniature life of insects at Wolfeboro. Scouts will gather specimens for an insect collection and take hikes to discover unusual creepy-crawlers all over the camp (especially June bugs).

Mammal Study

This badge is good for younger Scouts.  Requires some written work, a small report, and a conservation project.

Nuclear Science

Come explore the atom and the power it contains.  Learn about the promises and perils of the power in that nucleus.


The wonders of the deep will come to light in this program.  Scouts are required to do some field studies to complete this badge (yes, at camp).

Plant Science

Learn what it takes to grow plants for food with agronomy, horticulture, or the botanical world around us. This badge covers a lot of material and requires observations.

Reptile & Amphibian Study

This badge requires drawings and night observations.  Scouts will be able to handle live animals in this session.

Soil & Water Conservation

This badge requires drawings and a conservation project. It covers a lot of material and is recommended for mature Scouts.


Scouts will build a weather instrument and use it to track weather during the week. This badge covers a lot of material and requires observations.


Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

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