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The Wolfeboro Waterfront is positioned along an improved section of the North Fork of the Stanislaus River. Non-swimmers and beginning swimmers can take advantage of our wading areas and Beginner Swim instruction. You must pass the basic BSA swim test at camp as a prerequisite for all aquatics activities—whether they are merit badges or recreational activities.

Waterfront program area.

Merit Badge Programs


Good physical strength and stamina are required for this merit badge. Must be a swimmer to earn this badge.


This merit badge can be used as an Eagle required badge. It is a challenging merit badge that requires physical strength and stamina. Must have Swimming merit badge and be able to swim 400 yards.


It requires physical strength and stamina. Must be a swimmer to earn this badge.



This merit badge can be used as an Eagle required merit badge and it is a prerequisite for the Lifesaving badge.

The Waterfront

BSA Lifeguard (Not offered in 2021)

Individuals who are considering enrolling in the invaluable BSA Lifeguard Certification class must be at least 15 years old. In addition, the participant must complete the course consisting of a minimum of 30 hours instruction under the direction of the aquatic staff. This is a BSA National Policy.

With this time factor in mind, potential candidates should be notified that other activities outside of the course would be limited due to this significant time constraint.

The Aquatics Director and the class participants will determine class times. Participants must have earned the First Aid, Lifesaving, Swimming, and Canoeing merit badges and completed CPR certification before beginning the program.

Adult leaders must show competency equal to the merit badge requirements and complete CPR certification before beginning the course.

Mile Swim

Scouts with very strong swimming skills may wish to earn the Mile Swim BSA award. A daily one-hour swim conditioning program culminates with the 1-mile swim. Swim conditioning under the direction of the Aquatic Director is required. Participants should understand that extra time is required to complete this award. The mile swim will generally take place on Friday morning.  Please see the Aquatic Director to arrange for conditioning times.


Polar Bear Swim

Instructional Swim

Safe Swim Defense

Safety Afloat

Snorkeling, BSA

Swimming and Water Rescue (an intermediate course between Safe Swim Defense and BSA Lifeguard)


Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow